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About Virginia

Twirling around the Greek Theatre stage in “Alice in Wonderland” at 13 yrs., I knew I loved to perform. What I know now, I was feeling the “WOW” of doing something new.


My insatiable hunger grew for exploring different lifestyles and life. Graduating from Northwestern University, flowered headdresses and San Francisco’s free spirits called me. Acting in community theatre doesn’t pay the rent and I learned the art of product persuasion working at a trailblazing boutique ad agency. Urged by friends to “get a real job,” I moved back East and worked for an international ad agency in Chicago and NYC. I later joined the Hail Mother of hamburgers, the Golden Arches as Marketing Mgr. for Boston and Maine. (Acting experience comes in handy fitting into a corporate culture!)  Marriage to Cal in 1987 added the perfect puzzle piece to complete my journey and… it keeps getting better. 


Life is a balance of bliss, heartbreaks and challenges. I’ve learned to heal with humor, honor myself and find creative opportunities to wear a wig and don a costume for special acting opportunities on stages and events. (Click here to see examples.) You’ll see “Auntie Ginni’s Storytime” videos on this site, reading picture books for Suncoast Goodwill BookWorks program and for friends with young children. In 2019 – 2021, I wrote and published two bi-lingual picture books with empowering messages for young girls. (Click here for more information


Huge support of friends and unconditional love from my artistic high-tech husband makes my eclectic life possible. Retired, rewired and unleashed, I’m forever chasing new “WOWs.” 



Auntie Ginni Storytime

Writing and reading picture book stories for children is another of my passions.  In June, 2021, I was introduced to Suncoast Goodwill BookWorks, a collaborative program with Head Start Centers. Aimed at introducing young children to reading, the program provides books and entertains children in person with stories in “normal” non- Covid times. I joined the program as a storyteller during the pandemic and love the opportunity to record and provide videos for distribution. I’m also making videos available to Grannies, Nannies, Aunties and Mamas.  To view or download Auntie Ginni’s Storytime recordings, access my Dropbox file at the URL below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved doing them.


Use this link to view or download my readings: